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Homeopathic Remedy Pictures for Animals

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60 homeopathic remedies for animals, portrayed with delightful cartoons and trenchant keynotes - studying remedy pictures has rarely been such fun!

The New Zealand veterinary homeopath Vicki Mathison combines in this work a fine artistic talent with profound sensitivity for the nature of the animals and the remedies they require.

"What better way to study than to capture the essence of a remedy in caricature. Vicki knows the spirit of equus as only a horse-lover can, sensing from the most minute detail the disposition and mood of the horse before her. Dogs, too, occupy a special place in her heart and her household, their antics portrayed in cartoon form in such a way that one “sees” the animal more clearly than before.
Vicki not only has the ability to crisply draw the essence, she also paints a clear image with her words. Through her eyes, the remedies come alive and are no longer merely a list of symptoms. The sadness of Natrium muriaticum, the agitation of Arsenicum, the restlessness of Iodum all take on an easily recognizable form. As she says, it is so beautiful to watch an animal “show” her a remedy picture.
This book will surely find its way into the homes of many animal lovers, whether they are familiar with homeopathy or not, and into the practices of veterinary homeopaths, for even those with much experience can be inspired to see animals in a fresh way."
Deborah Collins

„I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at
such simple but totally effective caricatures.
Homeopathic remedies in a nutshell!“
Jenni Tree

Impressive case of Vicki Mathison in Homeonews

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