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Helios Pill and Tablet forms

Helios Pill Sizes


Made from lactose/sucrose and are tablet shaped. 9 per gram (approx) diameter 6.5mm. 

Soft Tablets

Made from lactose and melt quickly on the tongue. 15 per gram (approx) diameter 5mm.

They are regarded as "gluten free" (less than 20ppm) and suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Patients with wheat allergy should NOT take soft tablets.

Large soft tabs: quick dissolving lactose - 5/gm (approx) (diameter 7mm)

Pills (No 6)

Round 100% sucrose pills 25 per gram (approx), diameter 3.5mm.

Pills (No 3)

Round 100% sucrose pills 120 per gram (approx), diameter 2mm.


Made from 100% pure sucrose 250 per gram (approx) diameter 1.5mm. They are usually used for babies, small children and animals and are soluble in water.

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